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Areola & Nipple Complex Tattooing

Areola Repigmentation and Scar Camouflaging — An array of carefully blended custom colours are chosen to help hide scaring or to recreate the look of an areola and nipple after breast reconstruction surgery $250/hr

Colour Corrections — With thorough knowledge, understanding and training in colour theory, we specialize in Colour Correction procedures for those individuals
needing colour adjustments $250/hr​

Pigment Lightening/Removal — Small areas of pigment can sometimes be lightened depending on the colour, texture and health of the skin $250/hr

Breast Tattooing -- $xxx/hr
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Scalp Tattooing-- $xxx/hr
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Scar Camouflage-- $xxx/hr
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Temporary Eyebrow Tattooing-- $xxx/hr
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A topical anaesthetic is used prior to and during each procedure to help with client comfort. 

Contact for pricing. NOTE: All prices, specials & programs are subject to change without further notice.


Permanent Eyebrows — Natural hair strokes and/or a soft powder fill can create a realistic eyebrow that frames the face. $699.00

Permanent Eyeliner — Choose between a soft and smudgy upper and lower eyeliner or a darker more dramatic liquid liner look!

Upper Eyeliner $499.00

Lower Eyeliner $450.00


Lash Extensions by Marcie — the new “Semi-Permanent” type. One by one, a synthetic lash is adhered to each one of your own natural lashes using a safe, surgical grade adhesive.

Full Set — 1 hour appointment - our most popular set. Gives you the mascara look you love without the mascara. $169.00

Double Full Set — 2 hour appointment - this premium set gives you some serious eye batting power. $299.00

Fills — 1 hour appointment $99.00


Permanent Lip Liner — correct lip asymmetries along the vermillion border - no colour is placed in the interior of the lip $599.00

Lip Shaper / Lip Blush — a shaded or blended lip line with a gradient area of colour towards the interior of the lip $899.00​

Lip Liner and Fill — the border of the lip is outlined and the interior of the lip is completely filled in with colour $1,200.00

Permanent Make-up, also known as micropigmentation, carefully implants pigment into the dermal layer of skin, creating definition and interest in the treated area. Lips can be made to appear fuller and more prominent, sparse brows can be made darker or thicker and your eyes can be lined to stand out more, all this without the expense and trouble of daily touch-ups. Permanent Cosmetics can change the way you feel about yourself…when you look better, you feel better.

Permanent Makeup in Oakville

Through experience and vision, Colour Clinic delivers striking results. 
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