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Natural Looking Permanent Make-up Done Right!

"I have been seeing Marcie for Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions for over 2 years now, and well… she has me hooked on them!

As a professional model and actress, eyelash extensions are now a must for me!  Photos are coming out amazing and my confidence in my facial expressions has increased since I started getting lash extensions.  I get lots of compliments on my eyes and I’m now known for having amazing facial expressions because of my eyes.  Photographers love doing close ups to capture my expressions.

It’s not just for my career that I would want to keep getting lash extensions, I love just having them…they are a part of me now and it would be too hard for me not have them.  I get lots and lots of compliments on my lashes on a regular basis.  When I go out, everyone always asks me if they are real…especially woman, they love them so much and want to get them too!  Most of the guys just assume that I have naturally beautiful, long eyelashes and always compliment me…I love it!

Another reason why I love having Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions isn’t just because of how much more beautiful they make my eyes look but having them makes my daily routine and life a lot easier.  I’m someone that hates wearing and applying makeup on a daily basis as I have sensitive skin.  I like to be ready for the day fast and look as natural as possible, which is something I can easily achieve while wearing lash extensions.

The eyelash extensions are naturally dark and retain their curl.  I don’t need to wear mascara anymore!  If I want to look extra good going out at night, I will wear a little mascara from mid-lash up to the lash tips but it is definitely not necessary.  It makes my eyes look extra super-hot and everyone notices them from far away!

I also never have to curl them anymore!  It was such a pain for me as my eyelashes are thick and grow downwards.  I would always have to curl them after putting on mascara, which was damaging to my eyelashes and even then I would have to curl them a couple more times during the day to keep them curled.

I’m a huge fan of Marcie’s eyelashes!  It was a positive experience getting lash extensions from Marcie than from my previous not so good experiences at other lash places. My eyelash extensions are now extremely comfortable, lightweight and they actually feel like my own lashes! Marcie only uses a safe medical grade adhesive, which is used for suture-less wound closures.

I would definitely recommend getting eyelash extensions from Marcie as she is professional and has a lot of experience behind her in the application of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.  She does a lot of research and is very passionate about her industry.

Like I said, I am now hooked, probably for life!  She’s my new best friend for making me look more beautiful!"

Melissa Night, Professional Model & Actress

“I recently had Marcie put semi-permanent eyelash extensions on me and they are absolutely fabulous.  She has such a wonderful touch I fell asleep while she was doing them.  I have had several people comment on how beautiful they my eyelashes are and when they find out they are extensions, they’re amazed at how real they look. I am hoping to go back soon and have some permanent cosmetics done my Marcie. She is definitely an artist at her craft.”

Diana Boyes, Founder and Publisher of Timeless Woman Magazine, Georgetown

"I was so thrilled by the enhancement that Marcie could do to my naturally stubby lashes. It was exactly what was needed to complete my 'look.'  I had friends noticing my new look.  I quickly brought up what was different about me and recommended that they too maximize their assets and have their lashes enhanced by Marcie. She is absolutely wonderful and the procedure is so relaxing, I fell asleep a number of times. It's absolutely wonderful to wake up to such a beautiful look! I would recommend that everyone have this done by Marcie who has the gentlest touch, and magical lashes.”

Marcy R., Toronto

"For years I was searching for a solution that would give me the ease of eyeliner without the mess of smudging.  I spent many dollars and tried every product line from cheap to very expensive...they all smudge, regardless if they are waterproof or not. That is when I was introduced to Marcie.  Marcie took the time to provide me with a full consult informing me about the pros and cons of permanent make-up. The thought of tattooing my eyes was very scary to me, however, I trusted her work and professionalism.  Did it hurt...with the freezing it was irritating but did not hurt.  I healed in 1-2 days and was very impressed with the workmanship.  I have had many compliments on my permanent eyeliner which I have on the top and bottom.   I am now considering having my eyebrows tattooed by Marcie and would recommend her to anyone.   I love the fact that I can swim and it does not come off!!”

Susan Jacques-Bennett, B.A., R.I.B. (Ont)., Oakville

“A few months ago Marcie tattooed permanent eyeliner on my eyes.  I was  a little apprehensive to do it at first as I wasn't sure how it would feel and look afterwards, but I was really tired of applying eyeliner every day and had seen several of her client photos and thought I would give it a try.  The procedure itself was interesting.  Having already had two body tattoos done, I was surprised that it was much easier and not as painful as I had expected it to be.  Marcie made sure I was comfortable during the procedure and provided a relaxing environment.

Other than some soreness and puffiness that a little ice took care of the next day, I had no complications afterwards.  I had the procedure done on a Friday.  The day after my eyes were a little red and puffy and by Monday I was looking my normal self and went to work.  No one noticed that anything was different with my face.  After a few days I was able to reapply mascara and it made a tremendous difference.  It's nice to now be able to wake up on the weekends and not have to apply any makeup to go out!   Most days I just apply some moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss and then I'm good to go!

Marcie was very positive, supportive and professional following up with me after my procedure to make sure everything was okay and that I was feeling good about my procedure.   I am extremely pleased with my eyes and the time it now saves me every morning in applying makeup. 

I will be going back to Marcie for more permanent cosmetics and some new semi-permanent eyelash extensions!  I've since told a few of my friends and co-workers what I had done and they had no idea, claiming my eyes look quite natural.  I think I've intrigued a few people to give it a try.

Thanks Marcie, I would never have even thought to have tried this with anyone else!”

Julie Vail, Halton Hills

“...I wore eyeliner every day.  Now after having my eyeliner tattooed, I no longer need to apply it.  It cuts down my time applying makeup in the morning significantly.  I was worried in the beginning because I have a low tolerance for pain, but after my consultation with Marcie, I knew I was in good hands.  Along with Marcie's confidence, attention to detail, attention to sanitation, expertise, and gentle touch I was very relaxed during the procedure and experienced very little discomfort!  Overall I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  Would highly recommend her to anyone!!!

...Since my experience with tattooing was so successful with Marcie I decided to try the eyelash extensions.  I'm always looking for ways to cut-back my makeup routine in the morning.  Once again we achieved that.  I wake up in the morning and throw on a little blush and lip-gloss and I'm off!!! Thanks Marcie!!!!”

Jennifer Dunn, Aesthetic Impressions,

“Having Marcie apply Lash extensions is the best thing I have ever done for myself!  It's amazing how such a little thing can make such a huge difference...they are fun, flirty and give a more youthful appearance to the face.  I love them!”

Kimber W., Acton

"Wow – Lashes!

If you have ever struggled with short, light eyelashes, pounds of mascara and countless frustrating hours, Marcie’s got the perfect solution.

Her gentle professionalism, keen eye for detail and meticulous customer care has me feeling pampered every time.  The transformation of my nightmare lashes into one of my best features is amazing!  Even without makeup, my eyes sparkle now that they are framed by gorgeous lashes.

It’s liberating, empowering, exciting and a little bit naughty! I feel revitalized and much more confident.  Yes, eyelashes can do that for you!

Thank you, Marcie!!!"

Tania Spill, Very Satisfied Customer!!, Acton

"Excellent workmanship deserves to be recognized.  It is for this reason I am writing this testimonial.

For some time I had been contemplating what to do about my thinning eyebrows.  Finding the right brow pencil and shade and then the morning ritual of drawing the brows in so they would look natural finally got the better of me.

It was my son who suggested that I look into having my brows tattooed.   I had no idea that this was even possible.  Now I had a mission.  Who to talk to, who had this done, and what was the result?  Who better to ask than my Hairdresser?  I felt he would probably know of someone who had the procedure done.  Well, my assumption turned out to be correct.   Not only did he know of someone, but as it turned out the person he suggested I speak to was someone I have known for over 40 years. I could not have found a better source.  After speaking with my friend and seeing her brows, I knew this was what I wanted to have done and by no other person than Marcie.

Within a few days, I booked an appointment with Marcie Rushlow who is a Micro-Pigmentation Specialist.  She went over the entire procedure with me so that I would know what to expect.  I was so impressed with her approach and attention to every detail as well as her clean and sterile work area.

I am so thrilled with the results!!  I recommend this to anyone who wants to look their best and get a new lift to their face…call Marcie as she is a true artist in her trade.

Heidi R., Brampton

"I just had to let you know that the healing from my touch-up visit is now complete and the overall result is nothing short of AWESOME!!!!

I hope the pictures you took do your work justice as the end result is perfection.

You did an outstanding job, I am so very pleased with my new brows and I owe it all to you.

I also want to mention to anyone undergoing the procedure to please follow your Aftercare Instructions if they do the benefits are worth the wait.

Thanks again. A very happy and satisfied client."

Heidi R., Brampton

"I tried other eyelash extensions before but it was not until I went to Marcie, on the suggestion of a friend, that I noticed a difference.

The places I went to before glued the lashes only on the top layer of my natural lashes. The lashes would sometimes twist and turn downwards, and I needed to go for a fill every 2 weeks.

Marcie has a special technique of layering lash extensions, which creates fuller, more natural looking lashes. Her technique also prevents lashes from turning and coming off too early and as an end result I need to go for a fill less frequently.

I get compliments that I have amazing lashes...on occasion when someone asks me if they are mine they are shocked (and somewhat relieved) when I say, “no”! The next question they ask is, “where do I get them done?”....

I would not go anywhere else!"

Liane Dozois

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