Why is MicroBlading considered temporary or semi-permanent?

MicroBlading is considered to be temporary compared to that of the traditional hair stroke technique done by machine as this new technique is performed with a manual hand tool using a very fine blade/needles which do not enter the skin at the same depth as when using the machine method. 

With the colour being closer to the surface, each hair stroke appears more crisp and detailed with less chance of migration under the skin, but sluffs off in less time than the machine method.

How long does it last?

MicroBladed eyebrows on average last approximately 1 - 1.5 years; however, there are many variables to consider, hence the longevity of a MicroBladed eyebrow varies from person to person.  

With Marcie's time & experience, and the science of colour, you can be sure of the following:

1.  The lighter the pigment colour chosen to re-create the brow hairs, the faster the brow will fade.  

2.   A quick healing time results in better pigment retention.  

3.  The sun will fade everything, even your eyebrow tattoo, use sunscreen to help slow down the fading process.

4.  Aftercare matters.  Follow your aftercare instructions carefully to get the most out of your new eyebrow tattoo.

Colour Clinic believes this new technique is fast becoming the most desirable method of eyebrow tattooing. 

It is perfect for scaredy cats or those not ready to commit or be married to their eyebrow shape, style and colour for life!  

Although MicroBlading is the newest craze in eyebrow tattooing, it is actually a very old method of depositing pigment into the skin.

Basically, with a simple MicroBlading appointment with Marcie at the Colour Clinic, you can have perfectly shaped eyebrows without the daily fuss of drawing them on!  

Eyebrow MicroBlading is the hottest and newest technique of implanting pigment into the skin, temporarily, to create and simulate the look of delicate natural looking eyebrow hairs!

How is it done?

An individual look can be created by Marcie at the Colour Clinic for each and every eyebrow design.

With MicroBlading, each eyebrow hair, one by one, is strategically placed and etched into the skin to mimic a realistic strand of hair in the eyebrow area, creating soft & natural looking eyebrows!

With gentle pressure, the blades/needles glide over the eyebrow area causing a fine paperlike cut which can barely be distinguished from real hair, depositing pigment at the same time. 

Rest assured, all MicroBlading blades/needles come in sterile packaging and a safe topical anesthetic is used for client comfort!

At the Colour Clinic, all client’s eyebrows are custom designed by Marcie to meet the needs and desired look of each individual, taking into consideration each person's facial features, facial measurements and bone structure with the end result of a realistic looking temporary 3D eyebrow tattoo.  

Marcie uses high quality, safe, iron oxide based pigments from MicroPigmentation Centre, which are manufactured in Mississauga, Canada!  

With Marcie’s 12 years of Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing experience and working closely with the pigment manufacture in Mississauga, she is able to custom blend colours with precision, taking into account each person's skin tone, hair colour and desired outcome.

Eyebrow MicroBlading

Temporary 3D Eyebrow Tattoo.  

MicroBlading is also known as:

MicroGliding, MicroStroking, Manual Hairstroke Method, Eyebrow Etching, 3D Hair Stroke Eyebrow, iBrowEmbroidery, Japanese Method, HD Hairstroke (High Definition), Manual Hand Method, Temporary 3D Eyebrow Tattoo, SofTap, MicroCutting.

All the above names are terms used by many people to describe one technique, an ancient manual tattooing technique we today call "
MicroBlading", which is used to create a natural looking and temporary 3D eyebrow tattoo.  

What is MicroBlading?

MicroBlading is a method of tattooing.  

It is a method of manual tattooing v.  the electrical machine method.  In other words, the tool used to achieve the delicate and desired end result is a "manual" tool, meaning it does not require electricity. 

The tool looks like a pen with the exception of the tip, which is made to fit a variety of needle sizes. 

Each needle is extremely small in diameter and when placed in a single row of 12 -14 needles can be easily misconstrued as a scalpel, but it is not.  

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Whom does it benefit?

Colour Clinic suggests MicroBlading as a solution for both men and women who have little or no eyebrow hair or for those wanting the appearance of fuller, more shapely eyebrows. 

Lack of eyebrow hair is usually due to being over tweezed as a teenage girl or because of medical issues: ie. alopecia, thyroid issues, chemotherapy, eczema, trichomania, etc.